Literature review on pakistans food security

Now, when this happened the cost of the products have grown up and with poor economic conditions coupled with poor governance, the mechanism for bringing the rate down is totally absent.

While plants undergo gene modification, an increased level of toxins leak out during the process and cause harm to humans and crops. First, many scientists claim that GMOs cause toxicity through genetic engineering.

This creates the gap where the available land in Potohar is not used up to its potential for agricultural purposes. In the end certain policy measures are mentioned that can be helpful in achieving food security in the similar area. Food security must be handled through a lifecycle approach, emphasizing bottom-up rather than top-down solutions.

The World Food Programmes Allan Jury recounted his organisations experiences in combating hunger vulnerability in Pakistan. He can be contacted on his E-mail: This practice has now been changed.

Definitely go to Towson if you're into the hard sciences especially if you're on a budget. Kugelman, Michael and Robert M. Hazarika looked at various explanations for what he termed the South Asian enigma-the fact that 41 percent of South Asian children under the age of five are malnourished, whereas the comparable figure for sub-Saharan Africa is 27 percent, even though South Asia is at least as economically developed as sub-Saharan Africa.

Hunger pains : Pakistan's food insecurity

Margalla region on the north comes next with average height of around Study will be based upon the available data in Potohar region only for Attock, Jehlum, Chakwal and Rawalpindi districts.

So he has no option left but to find other source of income and let go with the land. Food security is one of the biggest challenges being currently faced by Pakistan.

Muchow had further elaborated the point through analyzing the growth and development phase of the crop leaves, the period when the leaves are growing and require water for its growth.

Rationale of the Study Food security in Pakistan has been under risk during the last few years.

Phd Dissertation Writing On Food Security Populatin Growth Literature Review

Towson is the place you want to be if you're a teacher, nurse, occupational therapist, or filmmaker. The majority of the population is living in Rawalpindi due to employment opportunities. A Case Study of Potohar flowering. Since Pakistan is a food insecure state, rapid climate changes, water issues and health risks are some other factors that have diminished the economic activity of the nation.

District census reports, Rawalpindi, Attock, Jehlum and Chakwal Food Security Situation The situation of food insecurity in Potohar is not as severe as in case of some other parts of the country. The same is proved in a study performed by Pinstrup-Andersen in Pakistan is under threat of an alien insect pest, called the Tutaabsoluta or the South American Tomato Leaf Minor, which is an invasive virus that can prove to be deadly for tomato crops.

The rate of growth has been increasing since in Potohar region as compared to the growth rate of rest of country. However, in the census report the growth rate of Potohar, Punjab and Pakistan is at par on 2. This reflects an increase in growth as compare to overall trend in Punjab and in the rest of the country.

Food security has been a big issue for Pakistan. The root cause of this can be termed as the mass production and absence of medium or small scale production, in which the production and supply chain is controlled but very few. In a nutshell, we can say this menace is practically knocking at our door and if concrete steps are not taken by the Pakistani authorities, then the result might be disastrous for the tomato growers of the country.

Among all factors, the most important one to consider is the alteration in the nutritional quality of foods. Its not the atomic bomb, Suleri declared, but the courage of the individual [that is] needed for social change. At the top-right hand corner of the window, click the button with three dots on it, then Settings.

While it is important to consider the disadvantages of engineered foods, GMOs have been equally beneficial to humans despite the heated debate surrounding the subject matter.

On the other side towards, haripur and hazara district and up to Attock; it ranges from meters to meters. That said, improved nutritional quality and essential vitamins and minerals required for the wellbeing of society can be reproduced through genetic engineering. Defying quarantine barriers, it has also managed to enter into Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey and most of the Middle East.

The current rate of urbanization is also expected to increase rapidly as there will be a The pest is capable of causing devastation to the entire crop with percent yield loss.

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Literature Review on cyber crime. Measures thus far adopted by the private and public sectors have not provided an adequate level of security. While new methods of attack have been accurately predicted by experts and some large attacks have been detected in early stages, efforts to prevent or deter them have been largely unsuccessful, with /5(18).

Seventy-seven million Pakistanis are going hungry, and 45 million are malnourished. Weather, resource shortages, and conflict all intensify Pakistan's food insecurity.

May 21,  · The speaker was Junaid Hafeez, a young poet and Fulbright scholar from the south of Pakistan, telling a radio show host in why he had given up studying medicine for a life in literature. According to food security expert and environmentalist Dr Azra Sayeed, GM foods are “fresh onslaught of imperialist corporations” and the government’s “unquenchable thirst for profits”.

Moreover, Shahbaz Sharif organized the Punjab Agricultural Convention in to shed light on food security challenges. EUROPEAN ACADEMIC RESEARCH - Vol.

II, Issue 3 / June Saqib Shakeel Abbasi, Nisar Khan Marwat, Sobia Naheed, Saqib Siddiqui- Food Security Issues and Challenges: A Case Study of Potohar the Waziristan’s and other parts of FATA and NWFP, but also to Baluchistan’s Dera Bugti—the second-most food-insecure district in Pakistan, and home to an anti-Islamabad insurgency fuelled by .

Literature review on pakistans food security
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